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- Version 2.0 feature - Support for iPad device.

[ Description ]
photoGive is photo exchange utility that communicate via Bluetooth peer-to-peer connection.
You can save the received photo to camera roll or photo library.
You can send mail the received photo.
The size of the photograph doesn't change.

--PhotoGive is necessary for both of exchanged each other iPhone/iPod.

- Please try following when the Bluetooth connection becomes unstable, the connection cuts, and it is not possible to connect.
・When Wifi is used, the use of Wifi is stopped.
・Restart iPhone/iPod.

[ How to use ]
1. When the application is started, the following screens are displayed.

[ Toolbar buttons ]

Choose photo from camera roll or photo library.
Connect to another iPhone/iPod via Bluetooth.
Send the photo to another iPhone/iPod. It is possible to do by even shaking iPhone/iPod.
Choose action.
 Discard displayed photo.
 Save to Camera roll / Photo Library.
 Send mail with photo.
Display this help.

[ Explanation of Bluetooth connection procedure ]

The procedure that iPhone301 connects with iPhone303 is shown.

Tap icon
Tap icon

Either does in the tap and connects iPhone/iPod of the connection destination.
In this precedure, iPhone301 execute tap.

It is likely to be waited for 30 seconds or more by becoming the display below.

It is made to wait until iPhone303 does "Accept" in the tap. Tap "Accept" button and it connects it with iPhone301.

iPhone301 was connected with iPhone303.

2.  Tap the photo library icon button, and choose photo to send.

3.  Tap the send icon button. The image will send to another iPhone/iPod.
It is possible to do by even shaking iPhone/iPod.

4.  Tap action icon button, You can choose action that Discard this image, Save to Camera Roll, Compose Mail with image.

[ System requirements ]
iPhone, iPod Touch 2G, iPad.

[ Language ]
Japanese, English

[ Contact ]
[email protected]