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[ Description ]

- OCRTOOLS the image files and clipboard images OCR (Optical Character Recognition) converts the text data.

- You can translate other language from OCR result.

- Recognizable / translate language has increased to 36 languages that listed below.

Japanese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese/Turkish/Ukrainian/Tagalog/

[ How to use ]
1. When the application is started, the following screens are displayed.

2. OCR language popup menu you can select the target OCR language.

If you want the OCR results translate to specify the translation language.
--- The translation uses internet translation service. Please avoid including sensitive information.

3.Click "Open image" button to choose image (JPEG / TIFF / PNG / BMP / PDF) .
If you want to recognize image into clipboard, then choose the file menu "From Clipboard".

4. Recognition results are displayed.
If you want to translate the results of OCR, the translation results are displayed simultaneously.

[ System requirements ]
Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

[ User Interface Language ]

[ Contact ]
[email protected]