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[ Version 2.3 feature ]
- For iOS 4, The recognition process can be in back ground. When the recognition finished, it inform App badge icon.

[ Description ]

- Take a picture of a text document and using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) this innovative app will convert the image to a text document on your iPhone.

- You can translate other language from OCR result.

- Recognizable / translate language has increased to 36 languages that listed below.


- The OCR reading result can be copied onto the clipboard.
- The OCR reading result can send by mail with image(PDF or JPEG).
- The OCR reading result save automatically upto 1000.
- Support for columns layout for OCR.
- You can copy or save to photolibrary via long press on the image.

[ How to use ]

1. When the application is started, the following screens are displayed.

2. Take a picture by camera toolbar button. Or choose photo from Photo Albums by PhotoAlbum toolbar button.

2-1. After take picture or choose photo, you can rotate and trim unnecessary area.(Ver.1.1)
 I advance trimming of an unnecessary area for improve the character recognition rate and the character recognition speed.

Double tap: The display is expanded one by one (Pinch Inn/pinch out is also possible).
Two finger tap: The display is reduced one by one.
Swipe: The display is scrolled.

3. The character recognition processing starts.
If tap the stop, You can stop the recognition process.

4. The character recognition result is displayed. The image display changes into the image that did the recognition preprocessing.
When the OCR result is translated, the translation result is displayed at the same time.

5. The Action button tapped, The character recognition result can copy or send mail.

6. You can change character recognition language by toolbar language button.


When the OCR result is translated, the translation language is specified.

7. Tap the button, you can display recent recognize results. And you can organize list or send mail, recognize again.

[ System requirements ]
iPhone, iPod Touch 2G with OS 3.0 or later.

[ User Interface Language ]
English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Simplified Chinese

[ Contact ]
[email protected]