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[ Description ]

- IphCAM is an application program to make your iPhone a web camera.

- Because iphCAM uses Motion JPEG format, it is possible to see in iPhone/iPodTouch's Safari or PC Web browser .

- The network uses Wifi or 3G.

** If you using 3G networks, There is a possibility with the following limitations that depend on your 3G carrier.
1) The networks does not support some port number.
2) The networks does not reach from your browser to iphCAM's ip address.

*** If you can not connect iphCAM, please try to change the port number to 80.

- You can specify the picture size and the server port number.

- The function to E-mail URL of the server is provided.

- Required iPhoneOS 8.0 or later.

[ How to use ]

1. When the application is started, the server start automatically.
The server URL display on the screen.

2. Now you can access via another Web browser or another iPhone Safari web browser.

3. If you want to change picture size or the server port number, tap the "Config" button.

4. Tap the "Mail URL" button. You can send mail the server's URL information.

[ System requirements ]
iPhone with OS 8.0 or later.

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[ Contact ]
[email protected]