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[ Description ]

--Required OS3.1, 3.1.3, iOS 4.

- When reading from Photo Library or saving to Photo Library, you can handle with the meta tag (Geotag). You must update to iOS 4.1 for using this function.
- Support iPhone 4 device ( switching Front/Rear Camera, switching Flash mode ).

The present iPhoneOS has the problems described below.
- You cannot confirm if the locations of geo-tags are correct or not with the standard camera application.

imgCAM is an excellent application with the functions described below to solve the above-mentioned problems.
* You can email images with the geo-tags in the camera roll.
You can easily specify a geo-tag using the GoogleMap view.
You can also specify the present location easily by GPS measurement, or you can specify any locations you wish on the map.
You don't need to set up the email configuration as the standard email application is used for sending emails.
You can start the next operation immediately as emails are sent in the background.
The emails you send will be stored in the mailbox of "Sent Mail".
The images with geo-tags can be used in the photo sharing services such as Flickr and Picasa handling location information.

* The scales of images are maintained as they are when emailed.
The scales are not automatically reduced then.
* You can crop your images in any sizes you wish.
* You can change the scale of your image in any sizes from 150 to 2400.
When changing the scale, you can do keep the aspect ratio only by specifying a horizontal size.
* You can create several types of effects for an image.
You can repeatedly create effects for the image.

* Continious shooting
- It came to be able to switch the size that was taken a picture and preserved.
- It takes a picture up to 5 in iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4, And up to 3 in iPhone 3G.
- The image be saved directly in the camera roll by selecting it from continuous shooting result view.

[ How to use ]
1. When the application is started, the following screens are displayed.
imgCAM open and display last photo automatically when you was finished imgCAM without saving.

2. The photograph is taken by doing the camera button in the tap and starting the camera.
Or, the photographic library button is done in the tap and the photograph of the photographic library is chosen.

The size of the image can be specified with a right button.
To start continuous shooting, tap the right button is set to two or more. And tapping camera button to start continious shooting.

3. The image is displayed.

Action Description
Double tap Zoom in (Pinch in/pinch out is also possible).
Two fingers tap Zoom out.
Shake device Zoom out and fit to window.
Swipe Scroll image if zoom in

4. Tap the action button, you can choose action that Discard this image, Save to Camera Roll, Compose Mail with image.

4-1. If you choose "Email with Geotag image", then display GoogleMap to choose location of photo.
When the pin has been dropped before, the place is displayed automatically.

Tap the pin button, then drop location pin. And tap Done button to finish choose location.
In this method, You can send mail with Geotagged image.

Present location is displayed in the map by using the location service.
Not use location service.
Zoom-in map view.
Zoom-out map view.


5. Tap the Pencil icon button, you can some imaging for Rotate, Trimming, Resize, Some effects.

6. If tap the Undo button, it return to previous state of image.

Special Effects types

Comic Tone

Gritty Tone

Dreamy Tone

Vintage Tone

[ System requirements ]
iPhone, iPod Touch 2G with OS 3.0 or later.

[ Language ]
Japanese, English

[ Contact ]
[email protected]