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[ Description ]

- Convert images into ASCII art with easy operation.

- You can specify the font / font size to converting ASCII art.

- The method for converting ASCII art is "pattern" "edge", "Custom" for any character you can choose.

- The converting ASCII art process can be in background. Notify by badge icon when finished.

[ How to use ]

1. When the application is started, the following screens are displayed.

2. You can specify font and select the method for converting ASCII art.
"IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE" option allow to convert ASCII art without using space code(0x20).

3.Tap "Photo Library" button to choose image. Or tap "Camera" button to take a picture.

4. Perform image editing.

Resize+ Resize- Make the image size adjustment
BW Convert to black and white picture
Invert Reverses the black and white images
Edge Convert the image to the edge image
Crop Crop image
Rotate Rotate image right or left

5. Tap "Action" button, and then copied to the clipboard is converted to ASCII characters.

6. Tap "Recent" button, You can view recent conversion results.
You can copy result text or re-converting ASCII art from recent result.

[ System requirements ]
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with OS 4.2 or later.

[ User Interface Language ]

[ Contact ]
[email protected]